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Payment Technology

Payemnt Technology is a company specializing in the financial industry, where it implements advanced IT technologies. We have gained over 4 years of experience in the implementation of payment services by cooperating with the company Polskie Przelewy. We simplify and improve the performance of financial operations using the latest technologies. We have built modern tools that are widely used in the payment services market. Our IT system implements all types of payments + payment remittances to Poczta Polska and ATM. We invite Partners who are interested in fast and mass interbank transfers, customer identity confirmation and cash withdrawal. We execute orders within 10 minutes or immediately. From the very beginning of our activity, we care for the continuous development of our payment and IT services. From the very beginning, we want to find the best solutions for fast, safe, easy and cheap transfers and cash transfers. Our experience allowed us to meet the needs and expectations of the society regarding fast customer service in the field of payments, development of IT tools, construction of new cash distribution channels and confirmation of customer identity. Thanks to this, we are able to carry out mass orders for loan companies, cash points, banks and financial institutions.

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